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White Sky

Here Are Some of the Several 100 Reviews Stan Received

This book is a gift for anyone helping others to deal with fear and grief, or who is dealing with it themselves. From my perspective 98% of our patients and their families will benefit from this. – Matthew Gould

This book is an excellent read covering counseling, psychology and an element of spirituality.
This book is concise and exciting. I fully recommend anybody purchasing this book as it gives people an insight and awareness of the power of ‘ fear ‘ and conquering it. An absolutely brilliant book! – James Ward

Today’s mental health professional recognize the value of homework. This would also serve as a good resource for professionals to give to clients for between session homework or post-treatment reminders. – Lynn Hazard

I like that Stan combines various methods and even tells us how we can combine the methods for a comprehensive list of suggestions. – Anne Cuthbert