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A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Book Reviews

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Tamara Sinnamon

“A Helpful Book for Anyone Wanting to Manage Their Fear!” A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear is a very helpful book for those struggling with any sort of fear in their lives. It goes through a series of options to use when trying to manage your fear. The author uses many illustrations and examples throughout the book to show how his suggestions would work in an everyday situation. The author also made it clear that all the approaches listed can be combined in anyway and that the process and results will be different for each person. He also recommends going to a psychologist with some of these approaches. Everyone struggles with some sort of fear in their lives, I know I do, and that’s why I recommend this book to anyone who is willing to change their lives and start by managing their fear.


“A Well Written Guide to Help Understand Fear!” Stanley Popovich breaks this book into three effective strategies to help the everyday person learn how to admit, address, and overcome anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks driven from fear and worry. As a professional mental health counselor, I would recommend this book to clients who come in and are dealing with excessive worry or fearful thoughts but aren’t sure if it is a driving force behind their ongoing problems. I believe anyone can pick up this book and find practical solutions to help re-adjust their thinking from irrational, all or nothing thinking, to do-able action based behavioral change. I recommend this book for anyone who lives with constant worry and anxiety or for anyone who struggles with anxiety but isn’t sure why. He provides exercises and practical techniques that are broken down into easy steps.


“A Helpful Layman’s Guide to Dealing with Fear!” Stanley Popovich’s book, A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear, is packed with well-presented, concrete suggestions for identifying fears and working to overcome their hold on your life. I particularly appreciated the many examples provided of ways to notice distorted thoughts and other factors that worsen fears. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I know that this is a tried-and-true way to help someone begin to dismantle fear, and Mr. Popovich does this very well. I recommend books to my patients quite often, and they report that practical, reader-friendly books have the most value for them. This is one I would recommend.

Brian Van Brunt

“I Enjoyed Reading This Book!” Grounded in psychological concepts, Stanley Popovich’s book provides the reader with a practical set of techniques useful in overcoming anxiety and worry found in everyday life circumstances as well as in extraordinary or traumatizing events. He uses everyday stories and narratives to help illustrate techniques that are useful in overcoming fear. Real-world exercises are encouraged that would help the reader put into practice some of the concepts described. The author highlights the power of leaning on God during times of hardship. The book concludes with a clear and down-to-earth summary of advice to encourage those struggling with anxiety and fear in daily life. Though not a professional in the psychology field, many of Stanley Popovich’s suggestions were indeed grounded in cognitive behavioral concepts. As a mental health clinician, I would certainly see the utility in using this book with patients.


“A Great Start on How to Handle Fear and Anxiety!” I would like to mention this was a very simple and easy to read book to read. It helps when readers need to hear methods the simple way without psychological terms. Popovich introduces his book by explaining what fear is and gives three methods on how to deal with one’s fears. I like the fact that he brings in examples in each method which gives the reader an idea on how to implement the methods mentioned. This book is a great start for everyone dealing with fear in one way or the other. If cases are more severe then of course more help would be required, and the author gives contacts where one can go for more help. Thank you, Mr. Popovich! I know friends and family who can get a positive perspective from your book.


“An Effective Read!” A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear does a good job of covering some methods and ideas that can help an individual manage their fear. While this book is no substitute for a mental health professional, as the author clearly states, I believe that it can be effective in helping individuals manage mild to moderate fear. Mr. Popovich provides a great starting set of ideas for managing fear, many of which can be expanded further or modified easily to meet the needs of the individual. There are enough ideas in here that nearly everyone should be able to find something that works for them. I think that this book does a very good job of providing some quick, easy ways to get a grasp on your fears and preventing them from becoming crippling. If you are dealing with mild to moderate fear, I would recommend giving this book a try and seeing if you can find a way to help yourself.

A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Reviews - Highly Rated!