Your Mental Health Is More Important Than Becoming Rich and Famous
By: Stan Popovich Some celebrities and successful people occasionally pick money and fame over their mental health issues. This can be a fatal mistake in the long run. Money and fame will not help solve your mental health issues. Here are 7 things to consider regarding your mental health and the pursuit of money and fame. 1. People can’t control their own fame:...
How To Get Through Life With A Mental Health Disorder
By: Stan Popovich Many people have a difficult time in living a normal life when they have to battle with anxiety and other fear related issues. Dealing with anxiety on a daily basis can be very challenging and frustrating. Here are 7 suggestions on how to live a happy life when you have a mental health disorder. 1. Educate yourself regarding your mental health...
Six Tips on How to Maintain Your Sobriety
By: Stan Popovich Some alcoholics have a difficult time in maintaining their sobriety. It can be challenging to deal with the temptation of not drinking alcohol especially when your friends get on your case. As a result, here are 6 ways on how to maintain your sobriety and remain alcohol free.
Managing The Stresses and Anxieties of Peer Pressure
By: Stan Popovich Dealing with peer pressure can very stressful. It can be very difficult not to give in to your friends and peers in doing something you do not want to do. As a result, here are 6 tips on how to manage the stresses and anxieties of dealing with peer pressure from others.