Many Professional Reviews of A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear

Please read the following in-depth book reviews and consider how my book can help you or someone you know. My book was read, reviewed, and approved by various mental health professionals before it was published, and many counselors use this book with their clients. You can also get a preview of what in this important book by checking out my articles, my blog, or get some quick advice.

Hilary MacKenzie

Simple And Easy to Use!” As a mental health therapist, I’m always looking for help for my clients that is written in terms that they can understand. This book does just that. The description of each technique is useful, and Mr. Popovich provides real-life examples of using each technique. Simple, specific anxiety can certainly be helped by using the techniques in this book, however, as Mr. Popovich rightly points out, it is not a substitute for professional help. It is, however, a good place to start. It is written for people who are willing to ask for God’s help, but for those who are not spiritual or religious, the other chapters stand alone. If this book isn’t enough to help you manage your fears, take it with you to your therapist or clergy & discuss it with them as basis for moving forward.

Michael W. Bennett

“A Quick Read with Some Practical Advice!” The author has assembled some good practical advice for the reader who wants to learn some simple and practical approaches to addressing issues of fear in his or her life. The book includes suggestions from a Christian perspective, from a psychiatric/clinical approach, and describes other ideas for resolving issues of fear in one’s life. The book is simple to understand and is an enjoyable to read. It’s a ready to use guidebook for those who want to make a make a change in their life.

Anne Cuthbert

“Many Helpful Techniques!” Stanley Popovich helps to remind us that fear is a normal part of daily living and gives tools to help you address it. I like that he combines various methods and even tells us how we can combine the methods for a comprehensive list of suggestions. As a mental health therapist, my clients are often trying to get rid of their emotions. In this book, Stanley helps you to validate your fear as well as help you manage it. One without the other would likely not help curb any emotion that is normal and healthy, including fear.

Tammy A Ferman

“Great Ideas!” This book has great ideas and suggestions. It’s a quick read, and you can go back and re-read suggestions that help you. There is also some space to write notes. All of the suggestions are evidence based and the author spent a long time compiling his information from multiple sources. The way the book is laid out, it’s easy to follow.

Kathy Hardie-Williams

“Practical And Effective Strategies for Dealing with Fear!” I found this book to have some practical and effective strategies for dealing with fear. I especially like that towards the end of the book, Stanley provides an integrated approach (using all three strategies that he describes) in addressing fear.

Harold Luff

“The Subject of Fear Is Well Covered!” This book is well written in layman language and structured in a way that makes it easy to understand. He addresses Counselling, spiritual inspiration, and self-help individually and in sequence in the first three chapters. He then unites them in chapter four before giving his summary in chapter five. I like the flow and especially the examples used to re-enforce his subject. A great read and it is not time consuming and easy to understand.