Many Professional Reviews of A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear

Please read the following in-depth book reviews and consider how my book can help you or someone you know. My book was read, reviewed, and approved by various mental health professionals before it was published, and many counselors use this book with their clients. You can also get a preview of what in this important book by checking out my articles, my blog, or get some quick advice.


“An Excellent and Simple Directive!” As a mental health practitioner working primarily with clients who are experiencing anxiety and panic, I found Popovich’s guide an excellent and simple directive for people who are struggling with anxiety or fear. Popovich outlines three main strategies for confronting fear and anxiety which are outlined in straightforward language with situational examples. I would recommend this as a good self-help tool for those who are looking to help them combat their anxiety.

Wayne Guerke

“Facing Your Fears!” This book is a practical, concise, and wonderful book to help anyone overcome and manage their fears. I loved the personal examples of individuals who incorporated these techniques in their lives to deal with their fears. I plan to use one of the techniques in my personal life and plan to recommend it to my clients. I would highly recommend this short, but powerful step-by-step guide in overcoming your anxieties and fears.


“A Good Overall Summary of Anxiety Management Strategies!” A Good book of the different methods available to work on managing fear and anxiety. These methods are described succinctly and with examples. Great place to start if you are dealing with fears or good as a general reference book to serve as a reminder even if you have already been using some of these techniques in the past. These techniques/methods for helping an individual manage their fearful emotions take time, work, and practice and this book can give you the highlights of where to start.

L. Chisholm

“A Great First Step to Managing Fear and Anxiety!” I would recommend this book as a first step for managing fear. The examples used will assist with the development of how to get over many fears or anxiety you may feel. This book would also be helpful for counselors to use in group counseling. It is an easy read with a fantastic summary and a good reference point.

Connie Ingram

“Practical And Useful!” Popovich uses a very practical approach to managing anxiety and fear and uses real-life examples to illustrate the principles he proposes. Popovich reminds the reader that the ultimate responsibility is his to muster the motivation to make the change. I would recommend this book to anyone suffering with anxiety. It’s very hands on and useful.


“An Easy Read and Excellent Book!” Stanley Popovich defines the different types of fear for the reader and helps the reader decide how he or she will handle the emotion. One thing is for sure. One will not be able to be stuck in the cycle of unhealthy, crippling fear after he or she has completed reading this book! I fully recommend this book for those who want to get out of the “harboring-an-unhealthy-balance-of-emotions” business and live a life of freedom from unhealthy fear.