Many Professional Reviews of A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear

Please read the following in-depth book reviews and consider how my book can help you or someone you know. My book was read, reviewed, and approved by various mental health professionals before it was published, and many counselors use this book with their clients. You can also get a preview of what in this important book by checking out my articles, my blog, or get some quick advice.

James L. Lowther

“A Good Summary of Fear Management Techniques!” A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear is a good summary of techniques and resources in managing one’s fears. This booklet is written in a clear concise style with plenty of good case studies used as examples of how the techniques are to be applied. There is a contact list of help organizations included in the book as well as a list of Bible verses dealing with comfort and faith. Anyone struggling with anxiety, obsessive worry, and neutralizing concerns will be helped by this work. Though this work is not designed to replace a counselor, applying its principles can help one get back on track with one’s life.

Dhea Hudson

“Very Well Written!” I believe Mr. Popovich has captured a great definition to fear and defined several ways to conquer it! I like the different viewpoints and the detail. I love the scripture references at the end… very good to share with my students and children. This was a very short east read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Terre Polite

“A Very Good Guide for the Layman!” This book is a great read for anyone who has recognized fear as a hurdle to overcome or if you just want to understand the process of gaining confidence. I like this book because it does speak to the layman without using clinical words which most people fail to understand and is something that I believe cripples many practitioners of mental health, the grandiose desire to impress with words, rather than help with practical and solid advice. Stanley Popovich takes behaviors that we all engage in and breaks them down to get a clear understanding through the use of illustrations and provides workable steps as a framework to help people overcome their fears.

Janet Gibson

“Strongly Informational!” I am a Licensed Therapist who works with clients dealing with anxiety. Sometimes people can get weighed down or confused by all the information out there. This is a short, but strongly informational read that doesn’t contain a lot of the “fluff” that most books have just to fill pages. It provides real world applications and examples regarding anxiety and fear. I appreciate Stanley Popovich’s straightforward approach.

Barbara A. Altman

“A Must Read for Anyone Suffering from Anxiety!”  Stanley Popovich’s book, A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear: Using Psychology, Christianity, and Non-Resistant Methods, contains easy to read thoughts on mastering phobias, fears, and anxiety disorders. Having experienced all of the above, I can attest to the efficacy of the methods Popovich endorses in his book. Anxiety disorders perplex sufferers, burden families, and are a source of humiliation and embarrassment. Popovich does an excellent job of providing encouragement and hope. I highly recommend this book.

Dan Hopp

“A Clear, Concise, And Very Helpful Book!” This book is a really helpful guide to controlling fear created in your mind. Short and concise, this book is not a daunting read and contains some very useful and easy to implement methods of managing fear. The book has a lot of great examples of how people have fear in their lives and can manage it with the methods put forth. I also enjoyed the summary section where in the future a reader could look quickly at the methods and put them into practice. If you are struggling with anxiety, this book contains some very useful methods to controlling and managing it so you can live a productive and happy life!