Many Professional Reviews of A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear

Please read the following in-depth book reviews and consider how my book can help you or someone you know. My book was read, reviewed, and approved by various mental health professionals before it was published, and many counselors use this book with their clients. You can also get a preview of what in this important book by checking out my articles, my blog, or get some quick advice.

Andrea McCartney

A Helpful Resource!” This is an easy, quick read for the average lay person or professional. I would recommend this guide to anyone in the helping profession or anyone that struggles with fear and anxiety. Many people tend to ignore, block out, or distract themselves from fearful thoughts and ideas, but the problem remains, and it unknowingly affects their life. The author uses various examples to help people understand how to process and face their fears. The end result is a more balanced and realistic view of reality. A very helpful resource that I would recommend to my clients!

Darleena R. Cozzo

“An Excellent Guide to Address Challenges Associated with Fear!” As a Licensed Professional, I highly recommend this book to people who are experiencing issues with Fear. This book is faith based and offers unique insight into battling fear in one’s life. Although, it is a Layman’s guide. It has very useful strategies to help one overcome the challenges and struggles of fear.

Sharon Gandolfo

“An Easy Read!” The book entitled “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear by Stanley Popovich is an easy read and targets the average person to assist them deal with anxiety and fear. The book validates approaches and strategies that I already use in my personal and professional life. I thought it was helpful to include the pages to help develop a personal strategy. A basic outline with bullet points indicating the problems, goals, strategies, and solutions have been added to assist with the implementation of this plan. Overall, this book is a helpful tool for individuals to cope with the fears and anxieties of life.

Patricia Allison

“A Quick Read with Helpful Reminders!” I enjoyed reading this book because it provides many helpful reminders and techniques to use when struggling with fear and anxiety. The book is organized thoughtfully, and the concrete examples help the reader understand how the tools work. I am grateful for the spiritual component, presented in a gentle and reassuring way. This e-book will be a nice companion to refer to in the future, and I recommend it.

Lucille M. Force

“A Great Read for Everyone!” Stanley Popovich’s book is an easy read that will benefit both professional and nonprofessional individuals. It is thoughtful, reflective, and captures the subject matter well. Everyone has experienced fear at one time or another in their lives. Stanley’s specificity in style of writing allows the reader to relate to the subject matter.

Robert Michael Cox

“Hope And Relief from General Anxiety!” Mr. Popovich’s “Layman’s Guide” presents several cognitive-behavioral techniques for overcoming non-traumatic anxiety in language accessible to the regular person. He also shares a religious perspective that will comfort many readers. Along with a sort of atlas for persons seeking to overcome their anxiety, Popovich provides hope; probably the most powerful gift for folks in extreme discomfort. As a professional counselor with over 14 years of experience delivering chemical dependency treatments and crisis interventions, I would be comfortable recommending this short book to clients with mild anxiety and to those exploring how they can overcome internally created fear.