Professional Reviews of A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear

Please read the following reviews and consider how Stan’s book can help you or someone you know. My book was read, reviewed, and accepted by various professionals before it was published and many counselors use A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear with their clients. You can get the most out of using Stan’s advice by working closely with your counselor.

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“Good Basic Introduction To Managing Fear!” Stanley Popovich does a decent job of helping the average person understand fear from a psychological and non-resistant methods perspective. As far as Christian books that attempt to bridge the gap between psychology and the church’s teaching on how to manage fear, he does a better job than any other text I have personally reviewed.

S. Thomas

“A Great Start On How To Handle Fear And Anxiety!” First, I would like to mention this was a very simple and easy to read book. It helps when readers need to hear methods the simple way without psychological terms. Popovich introduces his book by explaining what fear is and gives three methods on how to deal with one’s fears. I like the fact that he brings in examples in each method which gives the reader an idea on how to implement the methods mentioned. This book is a great start for everyone dealing with fear.

Amazon book review from Jim

“Reading This Guide Is The First Step Into The Rest Of Your Life!” The author, Stanley Popovich, presents three main principles in his book A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear: General Counseling Techniques encourages critical thinking and deductive reasoning, Non-Resistant Methods of dealing with fear is more of a defensive approach, and Belief In Faith can provide a powerful foundation for problem solving. Along with detailed stories, the reader is provided with websites dealing with fear and several Biblical scriptures that provide support. This book is highly recommended!

Cheryl Heinrichs

“A Great Read!” The author does a good job of explaining fear and ways to manage it so the average person can understand. The examples of managing fear in this book are also easily applicable to the daily lives of readers.

Heather E. DeKeyser

“A How-To Book About Overcoming Fear!” This book by Stanley Popovich gives three different but coinciding methods of overcoming fear. At the end of the book, there are several blank pages for notes. To use this book effectively, one should have a notebook (or the pages from the end of the book) and practice each method for overcoming their fears as it comes up in the book. I would recommend it and the references in it to work on any fears you may have.

Patricia Merriam

“This Book Was Worth The Read!” Coming from the perspective of a experienced registered nurse educator and administrator, specifically in psychiatric care and nursing, I appreciated Stan’s approach. Mr. Popovich’s thoughts come from his personal research and experiences along with the desire to help others.

Gail Caraway