Professional Reviews of A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear

Please read the following reviews and consider how Stan’s book can help you or someone you know. My book was read, reviewed, and accepted by various professionals before it was published and many counselors use A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear with their clients. You can get the most out of using Stan’s advice by working closely with your counselor.

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“Stan’s Book Is An Easy Read!” This is a very easy read that Stan has put together from his personal experiences. As a Christian counselor who helps clients who are dealing with fear, I recommend this book to anyone looking for ready to use tools for dealing with their own fears, all from a faith-based perspective.

Michael J. Maxwell, PhD

“Great Resource For Managing Fear!” Mr. Stanley Popovich has written an easy-to-understand guide in managing fear. He includes tips such as positive self-talk, prayer, and acceptance as tools to manage fear and anxiety. He states that combining all 3 techniques (psychological, acceptance, and spiritual) impacts the individual greater with an increased ability to reduce anxiety symptoms. This book is a great overview and starting point for non-professionals to use in understanding their own or a loved one’s fear and anxiety symptoms.

Samantha Brin

“Easy To Read And Informative!” A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear does a great job summarizing a variety of useful approaches to managing fear in our everyday lives. It offers a summary of approaches that are used in psychotherapy and provides great examples to illustrate the points he is making. The examples he uses are ones that we can all relate to and illustrate common struggles. This is a great book to start to get an understanding on how to work through fear. It is easy to read and informative; I would recommend it to helping professionals and layman.

Brittany Edge

“Stan’s Book Gets To The Point!” As a therapist, I have found that clients like to have a simplified explanation, one without all the psycho-babble. This book provides just that.

Amazon book review from Don

“A Down To Earth Book!” As a clinical social worker, I facilitate support groups and fear of something comes up on a weekly basis. This is a good resource book that someone could keep in their purse or pocket so they could easily get to it as needed. It is written so that the average person can understand it. It stays away all the clinical jargon. I will be recommending this book to some of my clients. The book gives helpful examples of how the guidelines can be applied to a given situation. The book isn’t to lengthy for those people who either do not like to read or have a short attention span.

Jacqueline Milton

“An Excellent Resource!” I found Stanley’s book to be very useful. It gives some really good ideas about dealing with fear that I had not considered myself. He offers the reader many detailed steps on how to deal with different types of fear. This is a great book for individuals who are trying to work through issues on their own or would like to use with their counselor. I would consider this an excellent resource for anyone struggling with things in their lives that keep them from moving forward. Thanks, Mr. Popovich!

Amazon book review from Josie