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A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Book Reviews

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Kevin Slingerland

“A Handy Supplement to Help with Fear!” A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear by Stanley Popovich is a simply written, easy to understand, and practical guide for the average reader looking for some help in dealing with their personal fears and anxieties. The book provides an understandable definition of fear with an acknowledgement of the healthy role fear can play. It provides clear explanations of a number of techniques for dealing with fear, including psychological and faith-based approaches. It also includes a number of examples throughout to help the reader with understanding and personally applying the various techniques and methods that are described.

Kari Bridges

“Great Suggestions and Methods!” The primary goal of A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear is to teach the reader to develop positive, realistic step-by-step solutions to combating stressful everyday situations. In order to balance negative thoughts, the author suggests preparing a plan of action and developing strategies that will help to control anxiety and fear. As someone who has struggled with my own fears and anxiety, I found this book to be very straight forward and informative. The author presents a direct approach with identifying the underlining cause of the fear and offers realistic methods to face those fears and conquer them permanently. I would recommend this book to anyone who is challenged to find ways to overcome anxiety and fear.


“An Excellent Resource!” I found Stanley’s e-book to be very useful. It gives some really good ideas about dealing with fear that I had not considered myself. He offers the reader many detailed steps on how to deal with different types of fear. This is a great book for individuals who are trying to work through issues on their own or would like to use with their counselor. I especially liked that he included a spiritual aspect to this book that gives the reader an opportunity to draw closer to God as they work through their current fears. I would consider this an excellent resource for anyone struggling with things in their lives that keep them from moving forward. Thanks, Mr. Popovich!


“An Easy Entry into The Problem of Fear!” This book can be read in one sitting. It is inspirational and clear. The author uses some examples to build upon the basic presentation of ideas for managing fear. The three categories of counseling, non-resistant, and spiritual are very helpful in framing the approaches to treating fear. The best treatment is using all three. The book is not long yet it provides an immersion into the topic of fear along with specific techniques to manage it. There is a resource section and tips on getting started. Anxiety and fear along with depression are the most common mental health problems humans face. This book provides an easy entry into dealing with fear. If anything else, it acknowledges that you are not alone with this problem and there are some easy basic steps to deal with it.

Jennifer Gragg

“A Well-Written and Helpful Book!” Stanley Popovich’s e-book is well-written and useful for anyone needing help with managing fear and anxiety. As a licensed mental health professional who sees fear and anxiety run rampant in the lives of many, this is a book I could confidently recommend for my clients. This book provides well-researched interventions on effectively dealing with fear and anxiety. I loved the author’s use of real-life examples for each listed intervention, allowing his readers a better understanding of how to personally apply the interventions. I do believe anyone can benefit from the basic principles of the book.

Anthony Arneson

“A Great Read!” A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear is a great resource for anyone who is feeling paralyzed by fear. Stanley writes from a very personal place as he introduces several different ways of dealing with anxiety. His research is very practical, relevant, and effective for learning to manage fear. He writes about what has worked best for him over the years. Some of these methods include psychological as well as spiritual advice. Stanley has done a great job with this book. What I love most of all is his ample examples and illustrations that help the reader grasp the concept that he is trying to convey. Good Job, Stanley!

A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Reviews - Highly Rated!