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Meet "Managing Fear" Author Stan Popovich

How Stan's Mental Health Story Can Help You!


My name is Stan Popovich, and I am a Penn State graduate who struggled with fear and anxiety for over 20+ years.

There were many times in my life I felt like giving up. During these difficult times, my anxieties and fears were so powerful that I had trouble getting through each week. It was very scary for me because I did not know what to do and where to turn for help. I felt alone and unsure about my future.

The most difficult thing I faced when struggling with my mental health was finding the answers that would take away my anxieties and fears. The books I read were several hundred pages long and many of these books talked about anxiety rather than focusing on effective techniques in managing anxiety.

Although I was able to talk to many counselors, some of them were very expensive and I did not have health insurance. In addition, many of the low-cost mental health programs in my area had a waiting list of several months which was very frustrating because I needed help right away.

Whenever I did get help, there were many times I had to change counselors due to staff changes which disrupted my progress and recovery. This was very frustrating and made things even more difficult.

Overcoming Anxiety and Fear

As a result, I made it a habit to write down every technique I learned in managing my fears and anxieties into a small notebook. I also documented all of my sessions I had with various mental health counselors over the years.

Over the years my notebook expanded with all kinds of techniques that many people found helpful in managing fear and anxiety. My notebook also included interviews from many mental health counselors and personal insights from those who struggled with their mental health on a regular basis.

I organized my notes into a small book titled A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear. This book goes into great detail on the variety of today’s most current techniques and approaches that are effective when managing one’s mental health. This book also covers some spiritual techniques that can also help you.

My Book Will Improve Your Life!

A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear offers you multiple techniques and various approaches in dealing with anxiety and fear. This book gives you the opportunity to pick and choose which techniques work for you regarding your current situation in a non-technical way.

Not everyone will like all of the techniques mentioned on this website and in my book, but the goal is to provide a variety of options when it comes to managing one’s mental health. Usually, the techniques that work for one person may not work for someone else.

Reading my book will reduce your learning curve when it comes to finding what works in managing your fears and anxieties which will save you money in expensive counseling sessions. My book is just an hour’s read which can fit into your busy schedule.

You will also discover additional approaches and techniques that other books do not cover that will provide tremendous results in your life! My book also includes the insights from those who struggle with their mental health on a more personal level.

Please review the rest of my website to see how my advice and my book can help you. If by any chance you can’t afford to get my book, please contact me and we can work something out! 

Your Friend,

Stanley Popovich

Stan Popovich, author of "Managing Fear"

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