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A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Book Reviews

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Haley Gage

An Easy and Practical Read!” Stan breaks down fear in a way that allows tackling it to be manageable and keeps it simple. He provides practical techniques to overcome fear that are often used in counseling offices. Finally, using faith and spirituality to help overcome fear and allowing God to take it on and relinquishing the control from ourselves is powerful and serves as a reminder that it does not need to hold us prisoner. A great read for anyone!

Anna Deeds

“Well-Explained Techniques for Overcoming Fear!” This book does an excellent job of explaining some basic techniques to manage fear. I think it contains a lot of good information. Everything was explained in a way most people could easily understand. I liked that the author encouraged the reader who needed more help putting the techniques into practice to seek out therapy. I think the book offered exactly what it promised. The book goes over some good basic tips that will really work if you use them in your life. I would definitely recommend this book to others.

P. Vanderveer

“A Quick and Easy Guide to Gaining Control Over Fear!” The author explores the possible and varied sources of fears, while focusing on easy to understand and identify with, assorted anonymous case examples. The author offers, easy to follow clear routes and methods for overcoming and conquering very real anxieties and fears that often block positive actions. I think that most people would find this guide helpful and comforting, in that it gives a step-by-step approach to overcoming obstacles that can undermine and block a person’s confidence. As a trained and experienced counsellor, I would recommend this book for a relaxing and informational read.


“A Must-Read for Everyone!” A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear is a great and easy read. This book finds a wonderful balance between offering concrete and practical tips for dealing with everyday fears and discussing reliance upon faith. I particularly like the summary at the end of the book, which touches upon the main principles for changing ways of looking at different situations and also provides links to inspirational Bible verses. The author also provides links to other resources for people who may find that they need more guidance than this book alone can provide.


“Useful Tools for Dealing with Fear!” I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. If you are looking for some ideas to help you combat your fear, it will not take long for you to find them in this book. You don’t have to weed through a ton of ancillary information to get to the point. The author clearly states this book is not intended to replace therapy and is, as the title states, a layman’s guide. Refreshing! The concepts and ideas are easy to understand and can be applied quickly to alleviate fear.

Phyllis H. Tipton

“A Great Approach to Managing Fear!” This is a quick and easy read and provides a three-prong approach to someone struggling with effectively managing fear. With each of the three methods, which are counseling techniques, asking help from God, and non-resistant methods, there are explanations and examples which can be very helpful for application. These methods can be empowering for individuals who have problems with fear and can help them to feel they have an action plan instead of feeling helpless. The book helps the reader recognize the futility of worrying and helps reiterate that ultimately God is in control. The book concludes with identifying scriptures and contact information for mental health and other community organizations that could be valuable resources for those who struggle with fear.

A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Reviews - Highly Rated!