Managing The Stresses and Anxieties of Peer Pressure
By: Stan Popovich Dealing with peer pressure from your friends and family can be very challenging at times. It can be very difficult to be yourself while others get on your case. As a result, here are eight tips on how to manage the stresses and anxieties of dealing with peer pressure from others.
6 Tips on How To Deal With a Bully In Your Life
By: Stan Popovich Do you currently know someone who is being bullied? A person who is being bullied may suffer from depression and anxiety. As a result, here are some suggestions on how to deal with a bully and how to get them to stop bothering you. 1. Show people that you are confident in yourself: It is important to believe in yourself and that you display ...
Disposable Party Glasses
By: Stan Popovich Do you find yourself going to various social events and your friends try to get you to drink, but you don’t want to? It can be stressful having others get on your case because you do not want to consume alcohol at a party. As a result, here are seven tips on how to tell your friends you don’t want to drink alcohol when your out with your friends.
university building
By: Stan Popovich Are you a senior in high school and plan on going to college in the near future? If so, this can cause a great deal of fear and anxiety during this time of transition. As a result, here are seven tips on how to manage the anxieties of transferring from high school to college. 1. Determine your goals and interests: It is important to have an ...