“A Helpful Book for Anyone Wanting to Manage Their Fear!” A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear by Stanley Popovich is a very helpful book for those struggling with any sort of fear in their lives. It goes through a series of options to use when trying to manage your fear, those include basic mental approaches, non-resistant methods, as well as prayer and asking God for help. The author uses many illustrations and examples throughout the book to show how his suggestions would work in an everyday situation. The author also made it clear that all the approaches listed can be combined in anyway and that the process and results will be different for each person. He also recommends going to a psychologist with some of these approaches. Everyone struggles with some sort of fear in their lives, I know I do, and that’s why I recommend this book to anyone who is willing to change their lives and start by managing their fear. Also, when you read this book, write all the methods down and start applying each, or a few of them, whenever fear starts to take hold.