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A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear by Stanley PopovichThese reviews consist of people who struggled with anxiety and from many professional counselors who use Stan’s book for their clients. Don’t miss out on this helpful book!!

A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear by Stanley Popovich

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Stanley Popovich presents his guide to overcoming fear and anxiety in the form of a common sense booklet accessible to all ages. Stan explores three different approaches to managing fear: practicing general counseling techniques, asking for God’s help, and using non-resistant methods, which, when combined, can serve as a powerful tool in fear management.  A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear packs a powerful punch and is well worth the read. – L.C. Henderson

“One Powerful Book That Can Change Your Life!” Within this book are the answers that so many people so desperately need to hear. There is hope and freedom in the pages of this small life saver, and the power to be set free from the fear that holds so many captive. This is not your typical self help book that spouts out ideas and suggestions on coping with the struggles in one’s life. Popovich has obviously spent countless hours researching the subject and making certain that the book reflects not only his own experiences but also the experiences of others as well. Don’t miss out on this book. – Trisha Bleau

Stanley Popovich’s book A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear  is a practical book for the person challenged with anxiety and fear. I thought it provided many examples of strategies for coping with what can be very debilitating. The facts that anxiety and fear are very complex and “one size doesn’t fit all” when addressing the challenges of anxiety are key. Many times we need to try a number of approaches in order to get results.  As a trained clinical social worker, I would suggest this book as an excellent means of educating oneself about anxiety and fear, and developing a self-help plan for coping. – Mollie Conrad

“Timely and Sound.” Fear is a timely subject in today’s anxiety-riddled world, and Stanley Popovich does an excellent job in delving into what fear is and its various forms. He then explains in detail three effective and powerful approaches in managing fear: general counseling techniques, reliance upon God, and non-resistant methods, which means accepting one’s fear but not dwelling upon it. But Mr. Popovich goes one step further–he shows how to employ these three approaches together. I highly recommend this well-written and well-researched book to everyone seeking a down-to-earth, holistic approach to managing his or her fear. – Diana Schramer

“An Informative Tool To Help Those Who Suffer.” I’m always in search for resources such as A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear to provide, members of a local depression and bipolar support group, tools to help them manage their symptoms. The author combined helpful tools such as building up to the fear in small steps, positive self-talk, self imagery, and exercise that add to what is already available.  This book wraps everything up into a complete package and is very informative. – Amazon book review from Spiritlink

“Small But Powerful.” This small guide on overcoming fear makes several salient and powerful points. Popovich offers cognitive strategies- how to think one’s way out of fear – in straightforward terms. He brings clarity and simplicity to interventions that often take full books to describe. But my favorite intervention offered by Popovich is the spiritual approach – a technique that is generally overlooked despite its positive effects overwhelmingly validated in the psychological research literature. Reliance upon God has been shown again and again to strengthen psychological coping mechanisms and physical well-being, reducing stress, anxiety, depression and illness.  – Sarah Chana Radcliffe

“Good Basic Introduction To Managing Fear.” Stanley Popovich does a decent job of helping the average person understand fear from a psychological and non-resistant methods perspective. As far as Christian books that attempt to bridge the gap between psychology and the church’s teaching on how to manage fear, he does a better job than any other text I have personally reviewed.  – S. Thomas

“A Great Start On How To Handle Fear And Anxiety.” First I would like to mention this was a very simple and easy to read book to read. It helps when readers need to hear methods the simple way without psychological terms. Popovich introduces his book by explain what fear is and gives three methods on how to deal with ones fears. I like the fact that he brings in examples in each method which gives the reader an idea on how to implement the methods mentioned. This book is a great start for everyone dealing with fear in one way or the other. – Amazon book review from Jim

“Reading This Guide Is A First Step Into The Rest Of Your Life.” The author, Stanley Popovich presents three main principles in this layman’s guide to managing fear: General Counseling Techniques encourages critical thinking and deductive reasoning. Non-Resistant Methods of dealing with fear is more of a defensive approach.  Belief in faith can provide a powerful foundation for problem solving. Along with detailed stories the reader is provided with websites dealing with fear, twelve pertinent suggestions and several Biblical scriptures that provide support. This is book is highly recommended. – Cheryl Heinrichs

The author does a good job of explaining fear and ways to manage it so the average person can understand. The examples of managing fear in this book are also easily applicable to the daily lives of readers – Heather E. DeKeyser

“A How-To Book About Overcoming Fear.” This book by Stanley Popovich gives three different but coinciding methods of overcoming fear. At the end there are several blank pages for notes and to try these ways to overcome fear. To use this book effectively, one should have a notebook (or the pages from the end of the book) and practice each method for overcoming their fears as it comes up in the book. I would recommend it and the references in it to work on any fears you may have. – Patricia Merriam

This book was worth the read. Coming from the perspective of a experienced Registered Nurse educator and administrator, specifically in psychiatric care and nursing, I appreciated his layman’s approach. Mr. Popovich’s thoughts, as he states, are not based on scientific research, but come from his heart, and desire to help others. –  Gail Caraway

This is a very easy read that Stan has put together from his experience as a Christian counselor, helping clients who are dealing with fear. I recommend this book to anyone looking for ready to use tools for dealing with their own fears, all from a faith-based perspective. – Michael J. Maxwell, PhD

“Great Resource For Managing Fear.” Mr. Stanley Popovich has written an easy-to-understand guide in managing fear. He includes tips such as positive self-talk, prayer, and acceptance as tools to manage fear and anxiety. He states that combining all 3 techniques (psychological, acceptance, and spiritual) impacts the individual greater with an increased ability to reduce anxiety symptoms. This book is a great overview and starting point for non-professionals to use in understanding their own or a loved one’s fear and anxiety symptoms. – Samantha Brin

“Easy To Read And Informative.” A Layman’s Guide to Fear does a great job summarizing a variety of useful approaches to managing fear in our everyday lives. It offers a summary of approaches that are used in psychotherapy and provides great examples to illustrate the points he is making. The examples he uses are ones that we can all relate to and illustrate common struggles. This is a great book to start to get an understanding on how to work through fear. It is easy to read and informative; I would recommend it to helping professionals and layman. – Brittany Edge

As a therapist, I have found that clients like to have a simplified explanation, one without all the psycho-babble. This book provides just that. – Amazon book review from Don

As a clinical social worker, I facilitate support groups and fear of something comes up on a weekly basis. This is a good resource book that someone could keep in their purse or pocket so they could easily get to it as needed. It is written so that the average person can understand it. It stays away all the clinical jargon. I will be recommending this book to some of my clients. The book gives helpful examples of how the guidelines can be applied to a given situation. The book isn’t to lengthy for those people who either do not like to read or have a short attention span. – Jacqueline Milton

“Excellent Resource.” I found Stanley’s book to be very useful. It gives some really good ideas about dealing with fear that I had not considered myself. He offers the reader many detailed steps on how to deal with different types of fear. This is a great book for individuals who are trying to work through issues on their own or would like to use with their counselor. I would consider this an excellent resource for anyone struggling with things in their lives that keep them from moving forward. Thanks, Mr. Popovich! – Amazon book review from Josie

A Layman’s Guide to managing fear, clearly explains three research based concepts to address and overcome fear; including listing the steps. This book was presented in a manner easy to read and comprehend. This book has the potential to change your perception and the way you view life. – Prezillic Daniels

This layman’s guide provides a no frills, no nonsense approach to addressing fear and implementing change without attacking the individual – greatly improving the likelihood for sustained change and increased quality of life.It is a good, quick read, easily incorporated into treatment plans. – Tracy Perl

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have used Stan’s techniques with my clients. I have found this book to be a very helpful tool as part of their treatment. I would recommend this book for counselors, individuals, pastors or anyone in the helping profession. – Bonnie Roberts

This book is a super quick read and provides many practical tips people can start implementing right away to help them get over their fears. I thought the examples of how the techniques work were excellent and make it easy for people to figure out how to use the techniques in their own life. – T. Stone

Based on extensive research and personal experience with debilitating fear, Stan Popovich has thoughtfully outlined three powerful but theoretically different approaches to managing fear. Popovich addresses the spiritual, cognitive, and non-resistant methods used to combat fear, and provides useful techniques and tools that empower the individual to overcome fear and anxiety. This common sense approach will be helpful to others, young or old. – Lori Vanzant

This book is inspirational and clear. The 3 categories of counseling, non-resistant, and spiritual are very helpful in framing the approaches to treating fear. The best treatment is using all three. There is also a resource section and tips on getting started. – T. Lucking