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Manage Your Fear Of Losing Your Job

How To Manage Your Fear Of Losing Your Job

By: Stan Popovich

Do you ever wonder what you would do if you suddenly became unemployed?

It can very scary when you find out that you no longer have a paycheck coming in.

As a result, here are seven tips on how to manage the fear of losing your job.

1. Take control of your career: Do not rely on your current employer for a job. It is important that you take control of your career rather than relying on others for a job. The key is to have the right skills and job experiences that will help you be employable to other companies in your field.

2. Keep your skills up to date: Get into the habit of always updating your skills just in case something would happen. Learning a specific job skill is a great way to keep abreast in the market. Continuous education in your field of work will also help you. If for some reason you do lose your job, having the proper skills will reduce the time of being unemployed.

3. Manage your finances: Develop a budget to manage your expenses and try to save some money on a monthly basis. You never know when you might be out of a job so its important to have some money saved in the bank in case something would happen.

In addition, try to pay off your credit card bills and try to get rid of your debts. This will help save you from paying all of that interest. There are also many financial counselors you can talk to that will help you develop a plan to manage your expenses.

4. Plan for any emergencies: Put aside a small amount of money from your weekly paycheck into an emergency fund. The purpose of the emergency fund is to provide instant cash for sudden and unexpected events. If something happens to your job, you will have something to fall back on.

5. Learn how to do a job search: Do not wait until you lose your job to learn how to perform an effective job search. The first step is to have a great resume and then your next step is to know how to network with others to help find another job.

Always contact the department managers at any company you would like to work for.  Focus your job efforts on those supervisors who have the power to hire you instead of relying on Human Resources.

6. Learn how to manage your worrying: It can be difficult not to worry when you are in the process of being unemployed. Instead of getting sick with worry, try to think of the positive things in your life. Take things one day at a time and do not try to predict what may happen down the road.

7. Talk to a mental health counselor:  Many counselors may know of some government programs that could help you with your finances if you lose your job. In addition, a counselor will be able to give you advice on how to manage your fear, anxiety, and depression that may result if you lose your job. Remember that there is nothing wrong in asking for help.

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