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6 Tips On How To Overcome Your Grief

6 Tips On How To Overcome Your Grief Of Losing A Loved One

By: Stan Popovich

Do you know someone who lost a loved one or a pet and they are extremely sad?

Many people who lose someone special can have a difficult time getting over their grief.

As a result, here are six ways to help the person cope with grief based on the Bible’s perspective.

1. Understand how death works: Death is the bridge between this world and God`s world which we call Heaven. When a person dies, they are crossing the bridge from this world to Heaven. As long as the person has accepted God/Jesus in their life, they will enter Heaven. The best way to understand how the process works is by talking to a priest or minister for more information.

2. You will see your loved ones again: The good news is that if you accepted God/Jesus into your life, there is a very good chance you will see your loved ones again including your pets. They are simply in Heaven along with everyone else. Remember that nothing is impossible with God.

3. You are not saying goodbye: Your loved ones and your pets are not gone and you will see them again if you accept God/Jesus during your time on Earth. The key is that you need to rely on the promises of God and the Bible.  Understanding how the process works will reduce your grief because you know that you will see your loved ones again.

4. Death is not final: Contrary to what everyone may think, death is not final if you accept God/Jesus in your life. Put your faith in God and rely on what is written in the Bible. You have two choices. You can listen to other people’s perspectives on death or put your faith in Jesus. Remember that God is in control and all you need to do is to have faith.

5. Join a support group: Joining a local mental health group can also be helpful. A person can go to their local hospital or church to get a list of support groups in their area that can help address their sadness.

Sitting around and doing nothing will not make things any better. Take it one day at a time and try to make the effort of being active with others in your community. Getting involved in a social activity can increase your chances of making new friends and can provide relief from your sadness.

6. Talk to a counselor: Seek help from a counselor who can give you additional insights on how to deal with losing a loved one. A counselor can give you advice and ideas on how to overcome your depression when someone you know passes away.

In addition, spending time with God and asking God for help in your time of sadness can be of great comfort. You never know how God will work in your life. Including God in your everyday living can help reduce your sadness. You can also talk to a priest or minister for some guidance regarding your situation.

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