How To Manage The Anxiety Of Meeting New People

How To Manage The Anxiety Of Meeting New People

By: Stan Popovich

Do you get anxious and nervous when meeting other people?

If so, it can be scary when you are trying to make friends with people that you do not know.

As a result, here are eight suggestions on how you can make new friends without getting anxious and fearful.

1. The most important thing is to be yourself: Do not pretend to be someone you are not because it will eventually catch up to you. Being yourself will go a long way even if you are not the most popular person. Give people a chance to learn who you really are when developing new friendships.

2. Find people of similar interests: Meeting people with similar interests will make it easier to make friends because you will both have something in common. It will also make it easier to start a conversation with someone you just met.

3. Hang out with friendly people: Use good judgement in who you hang out with and try to find people who are friendly and do not gossip. If somebody gives you a hard time, then find someone else who may be easier to talk to. Don’t be in a rush to talk to the first person you see.

4. Consider the other person’s needs: Try to show some interest in the people you meet. Talk to them in terms of their needs and wants. Do not just talk about yourself. Asking questions and being a good listener can go a long way in developing long lasting friendships.

5. Keep an open mind: It is important not to judge people before you get to know them. Ask questions and get to know the person before deciding if you want to become friends. The key is to learn as much as you can about the person you are talking to. This will help you decide if this is a person you want to become friends with.

6. Remember your successes: Some people downplay their successes and focus on the negative things in their life. Always remind yourself of your past accomplishments no matter how small they may be.  Stop focusing on the negative parts of your life and remember your previous successes. This will greatly increase your self-confidence when meeting with others.

7. Learn to relax: Take a deep breath to help relax before you socialize with others. If you still feel stressed, then get some fresh air or take a quick walk to help relax. You will feel less anxious when talking with others which will help improve the chances of making friends.

8. Talk to a professional: Take advantage of the help that is available around you. If possible, talk to a professional who can help you manage your shyness. A counselor will be able to provide you with additional advice and insights on how to deal with your social anxiety. You can also talk to your relatives and other people in your life about how to increase the chances of making friends with others.

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