7 Tips On Increasing Your Chances Of Getting A Raise At Your Job

7 Tips On Increasing Your Chances Of Getting A Raise At Your Job

By: Stan Popovich

Many workers have a difficult time getting a raise at their place of employment. It can be frustrating to work very hard and never see an increase in your pay.

As a result, here are 7 tips on how to increase your chances of getting a raise at your job.

1. Know your company’s policy on raises: Find out your company’s stance on wage increases. Ask Human Resources on how you can increase your pay at your place of work. You could also talk to management if your company does not have an HR department.

2. Come to work early or leave later: Make it a habit to come to your office before your boss does. When your supervisor comes to the office, make sure he or she sees you. If you decide to work late, make sure you tell your manager before he or she leaves for the day.

3. Volunteer: Always volunteer to take on new assignments. Let it be known in the office that you are the “go to person” when things need to be done. This will enhance your reputation with management.

4. Help out your boss: Most of the time your manager is swamped with many responsibilities. Let your supervisor know that he or she can turn to you when they need your help. Make sure that your supervisor can depend on you for assistance.

5. Ask and watch your manager’s reaction: Once you establish a good reputation at work, you can casually ask about a raise. When talking about a raise, watch your manager’s initial reaction. Get a feel on how your supervisor answers your questions and watch your manager’s facial expressions and tone of voice.

6. Do what is best for you: If nothing seems to work, then you need to determine if it is better to stay where you are at or go somewhere else. In either case, determine what works best for you and then follow through with your plans.

7. Be smart and don’t rush into anything: Money is not the only benefit of working at a company. Look at the big picture and determine what will make you happy regarding your career. Do not be quick on dismissing a great job because of money issues.

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