Getting The Most Out Of Your Business Meetings

6 Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Your Business Meetings

By: Stan Popovich

A company can waste valuable time and money conducting business meetings that don’t produce results. This can lead to frustration among your employees.

As a result, here are 6 suggestions on how to get the most out of your business gatherings.

1. Know what you want to accomplish: It is important to know why you are scheduling a business meeting. Write down a list of goals you want accomplished before your meeting and then review those goals to make sure you did not leave anything out.

2. Develop a plan: Before the meeting begins, create a one-page summary of the major points that you want to cover during your meeting. This lets your employees know what to expect, which will result in them having a better understanding of the purpose of the meeting.

3. Make sure you stay on topic: When there is a lot of people in a meeting it can be difficult to stay on topic so prepare accordingly. If you find that the meeting isn’t going anywhere or someone is off on a tangent, then politely circle back to the important topic that needs to be addressed.

4. Encourage participation: Do not let a few people take control of your meetings. Instead, create a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinions.

5. Learn from past experiences: Learn how to improve your company’s business meetings by reviewing past presentations. Focusing on what went wrong in the past can go a long way in having productive meetings in the future.

6. Change things up: Add some variety to your meetings and do not do the same thing all of the time. This will prevent your employees from getting bored and may also encourage participation. Be open-minded when taking suggestions on how to improve future business meetings.

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