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Stanley's Customer Book Reviews

A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear Customer Book Reviews

By: Stan Popovich

Here is a small sample of book reviews of Stan Popovich’s popular managing fear book “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear” located at

“I am a Licensed Therapist who works with clients dealing with anxiety. This is a short, but strongly informational read that doesn’t contain a lot of the “fluff” that most books have just to fill pages. It provides real world applications and examples regarding anxiety and fear. I appreciate Stanley Popovich’s straight forward approach.” –Janet Gibson

“A great guide to dealing with anxiety bolstered by a variety of approaches including both spiritual and psychological. Full of practical tips for helping understand and reduce anxiety. A fast and interesting read that I would highly recommend.” –Sara Nannen

“I enjoyed reading this book because it provides many helpful reminders and techniques to use when struggling with fear and anxiety. The book is organized thoughtfully, and the concrete examples help the reader understand how the tools work.” –Patricia Allison

“Stan Popovich puts together a nice and easy to read book on handling fear. He draws on elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, psychology 101, and appealing to a higher power.” –William J. Shryer

“I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have worked with many people with many different challenges. Having resources to give the people I work with is important to me as I believe we all need as much good information as possible to help facilitate change. A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear is an excellent tool for anyone.” — Clive Hallam

“The book is divided into sections that address different approaches from general counseling techniques, asking God’s help (Spirituality), as well as non-resistant methods that are very helpful. As a therapist, I would recommend this book to my clients who experience anxiety.” –BJ Buchanan

“I can see how this book could be used in a small group setting as it offers practical methods to move through fear that could be role played in a safe environment.” –Vickey Gibbs

“This small guide on overcoming fear makes several salient and powerful points. Popovich offers cognitive strategies – how to think one’s way out of fear – in straightforward terms. He brings clarity and simplicity to interventions that often take full books to describe.” –Sarah Chana Radcliffe

“Kudos! A refreshing perspective that combines Christian beliefs and the structure of cognitive behavior therapy that are integrated to create a method to effectively manage fears. Well thought out and written.” –W.R. Drinkwater

“Stanley Popovich’s book is an easy read that will benefit both professional and nonprofessional individuals. It is thoughtful, reflective, and captures the subject matter well. Everyone has experienced fear at one time or another in their lives. Stanley’s specificity in style of writing allows the reader to relate to the subject matter.” –Lucille M. Force

“This book is an excellent read covering counseling, psychology, and an element of spirituality. This book is concise, punchy, and exciting. I fully recommend anybody purchasing this book as it gives people an insight and awareness of the power of ‘ fear ‘ and conquering it. An absolutely brilliant book!” –James Ward

“As a Licensed Professional, I highly recommend this book to people who are experiencing issues with fear. This book is faith based and offers unique insight into battling fear in one’s life. Stan’s book has very useful strategies to help one overcome the challenges and struggles of fear.”–Darleena Anderson

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