A Preview of Stans Skill Sets and Professional Endorsements

A Preview Of Stan’s Skill Sets And Professional Endorsements

By: Stan Popovich

Stan’s professional background
Stan’s life-changing book was inspired by his own 20+ year struggle with anxiety.
Stan has been featured on many TV and Radio Programs around the U.S.
Stan writes for many national publications and newspapers in the U.S.
Mr. Popovich’s book has accumulated more than 400 positive book reviews.
Stan’s expertise has brought him thousands of fans on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Stan has interviewed various mental health counselors whose insights are in his book.
Stanley’s book was read and accepted by various professionals before it was published.
Stan is an award-winning and respected contributor on the topics of managing fear.

Stan received many endorsements from various professionals on LinkedIn for the following skill sets
Content Strategy & Development
Creative Writing
Magazine & Newsletter Writing
Mental Health
Public Speaking
Social Media
Television & Radio
Web Content

Some of Stan’s accomplishments
Stan is a newspaper columnist whose work appears in 20 newspapers around Los Angeles, CA.
Stanley won The Evan Carmichael Elite Author Award due to the quality of his articles.
Stan is a Penn State graduate and has a computer, business, and writing background.

A small preview of Stan’s experiences
Marketed his book, website, and blog to the news media and on the Internet
Managed content on his popular website with help from his website designer
Developed a strong business portfolio on Google
Managed a social media campaign with 1000’s of followers
Continuously learning new technologies to manage his book and writing business

You can also do an internet search for “Stanley Popovich” or “Stan Popovich” to see Stan’s latest contributions and media coverage.

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