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Managing Anxiety

6 Tips On How To Get The Edge Off From Your Anxieties And Fears

By: Stan Popovich

Do you ever feel that your overwhelmed with anxiety and your mind is overrun with fearful and negative thoughts?

If so, it can be very challenging in getting relief from your current situation.

As a result, here are six tips on how to quickly relieve your nerves and clear your head from your current anxieties.

1. Take deep breaths: A person should take some deep breaths to help feel better and to get rid of some of the excessive fear and anxiety. There are many kinds of mindfulness activities a person can learn to follow with the help of a mental health counselor.

2. Don’t dwell on your thoughts: A person must not dwell or focus on their thoughts when they become anxious. The more a person tries to reason out their thoughts the longer their anxieties will last. Read some positive statements from your favorite self-help book to help overcome your negative thoughts when you get stressed out.

In addition, a person should visualize a red stop sign in their mind when they encounter a fearful thought. When the negative thought comes, a person should think of a red stop sign that serves as a reminder to stop focusing on that thought and to think of something else. A person can then try to think of something positive to replace the negative thought.

3. Get all of the facts of the situation: Gathering the facts of a certain event can prevent us from relying on exaggerated and fearful assumptions. By focusing on the facts, a person can rely on what is reality and what is not.

While the consequences of a particular fear may seem real, there are usually other factors that cannot be anticipated and can affect the results of any situation. We may be ninety-nine percent correct in predicting the future, but all it takes is for that one percent to make a world of difference.

4. Do something you enjoy: Doing something that you like to do is another way to get rid of your anxieties. You will also increase your chances of meeting other people. As a result, you will feel better and you will get a fresh perspective on things.

In addition, spending time with your friends is a great way to relieve your stresses. Talking to your friends will help you to focus on other things rather than thinking about your problems. Your friends will make you laugh and help you to relax.

5. Exercise: The best way to get rid of your anxieties is to do some kind of physical activity such as taking a brisk walk or a short run. Exercise is a great way to help relieve your tension and to get your anxieties under control.

6. Consider your options: You may feel lost and confused, but the answers to your specific problems are out there. The first thing to do is to calm down. Once you start thinking clearly, the next step is to consider what you should do next to get rid of your anxieties. You have the opportunity to change course and find another way of doing things that will help get rid of your current fears and anxieties.

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