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A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear Professional Book Reviews

By: Stan Popovich

Here is a small sample of book reviews of Stan Popovich’s popular managing fear book “A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear” located at

“A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear” is a great self-help book. I have been a Counselor for many years now and I use some of the same suggestions and tactics in my practice and you do not have to pay $55.00 or more an hour to hear them!” –Mark Myers

“One Powerful Book That Can Change Your Life!! Within this book are the answers that so many people so desperately need to hear. There is hope and freedom in the pages of this small life saver.” –Trisha Bleau

“Stan has hit the nail on the head with his recommendations of a three-tiered approach to dealing with fear. Very well put together and accessible to all ages.” — Gordon R. Estes, Jr.

“The book has cognitive therapy and Christianity woven together in a way that does not feel overwhelming or intrusive. Worth the read.” — Ron Jon

“Mr. Popovich has written about three distinct methods of dealing with fear. As a licensed counselor intern,  I have incorporated many of the techniques mentioned in this book. Believers and non-believers alike could benefit from reading this book.” — Satchel Pierce Stillwell

“I like that Stan combines various methods and even tells us how we can combine the methods for a comprehensive list of suggestions.” — Anne Cuthbert

“I’m always looking for help for my clients that is written in terms that they can understand. This book does just that. Take it with you to your therapist & discuss it with them as basis for moving forward.”– Hilary MacKenzie

“As a therapist, I have found that clients like to have a simplified explanation, one without all the psycho-babble. This book provides just that.”— Don

“I have used Stan’s techniques with my clients.  I would recommend this book for counselors, individuals, pastors, or anyone in the helping profession.” — Bonnie Roberts

“Very easy to read with practical suggestions.  The clear and concise way it is written makes it a good book to which therapists can refer their patients.” –Brenda Dolan-Pascoe

“I am a Licensed Therapist who works with clients dealing with anxiety. This is a short, but strongly informational read that doesn’t contain a lot of the “fluff” that most books have just to fill pages. It provides real world applications and examples regarding anxiety and fear. I appreciate Stanley Popovich’s straight forward approach.” — Janet Gibson

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